Achieve Clear Vision at All Distances with the Symfony Lens

The extended depth-of-focus lens by TECNIS®, called the Symfony lens, can provide clear vision across virtually every distance for patients following cataract surgery. While other premium intraocular lenses, such as multifocal IOLs, can correct vision at near and far distances as well, Symfony lenses are designed to adapt to the in-between distances. They are a great option for patients who live an active lifestyle and are unwilling to compromise the quality of their vision. During your consultation for cataracts, our team of doctors at Seaside Opthahlmology, Inc. can discuss the benefits of these lenses with you and help decide whether they are a good option. With four office locations in Waycross, Kingsland, St. Simons, and Brunswick, GA, improving your vision with this premium IOL is simpler than ever. 

What Makes This Lens Unique 

While multifocal lenses can help you achieve freedom from glasses or contacts, some patients may experience reduced contrast and nighttime glare in their vision after having these IOLs placed. The Symfony lens was designed to overcome these concerns by continuously adapting their focus.

Unlike other lenses on the market, the Symfony lens can: 

  • Adapt to the points between near and distance vision 
  • Improve your quality of vision at various distances
  • Address astigmatism and depth of focus simultaneously 
  • Reduce the incidence of halos, glares, and other symptoms experienced after cataract surgery 
  • Function seamlessly in both day and night 

Advanced Design

The success of the Symfony lens can be largely attributed to its design. While the Symfony lens is a single-piece acrylic device like other premium IOLs, the lens is designed with ring structures which stretch the focus without splitting light entering the eye.

Seventy seven percent of Symfony lens-wearers enjoyed good vision at intermediate-distance without glasses compared to only 34 percent of monofocal lens-wearers.

This design helps tighten focus, improve contrast sensitivity, and reduce the incidence of halos and glares. Patients who are concerned that inserting this innovative lens is more complex for a doctor should rest assured that placement of the Symfony lens during cataract surgery is the same as with traditional IOLs

The Symfony lenses provide excellent distance vision for patients with active lives.

Predictable Results

The Symfony lens was approved by the Food and Drug Administration after a study which surveyed 148 cataract patients who received Symfony lenses. Compared to patients who received monofocal IOLs during cataract surgery, the Symfony lens-wearers were able to achieve:

  • Improved intermediate and near-vision 
  • Similar distance-vision
  • A reduced dependency on glasses 
  • Good visual performance regardless of lighting conditions 

Who Should Get This Lens? 

Due to its impressive distance-vision and color capabilities, the Symfony lens is a great option for patients who live a very active lifestyle and need to achieve freedom from glasses or contacts. As this lens is typically more expensive than a traditional IOL, it is a better option for patients who have a budget for their cataract surgery. To assist with covering your out-of-pocket costs, we accept financing through CareCredit®. 

Common Outcomes with Symfony

We have helped many patients achieve life-changing results and a newfound freedom from corrective eyewear using the Symfony lens during their cataract surgery. A clinical trial comparing the outcomes of the Symfony lens to those of monofocal lenses found

  • Seventy-seven percent of Symfony lens-wearers enjoyed good vision at intermediate-distance without glasses compared to only 34 percent of monofocal lens-wearers
  • Patients with Symfony lenses were able to read two smaller lines on an eye chart than patients with monofocal IOLs

Although many patients are able to achieve complete freedom from glasses, it is important to maintain realistic expectations about this treatment as with any other surgical procedure.

Schedule Your Consultation 

Cataract surgery does not have to limit your vision or inhibit your quality of life. Premium IOLs, such as the Symfony lens, can help you maintain your vision without glasses or contacts. To discuss your post-surgical objectives with our doctors and determine whether the Symfony lens can work for you, submit an online contact form or call Seaside Opthalmology at (912) 466-9500.


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