Multifocal IOLs Boast High Safety and Predictable Outcomes

For patients who want to enjoy a reduced dependency on glasses or contacts following cataract surgery, multifocal intraocular lenses, also known as multifocal IOLs, can help achieve their desired results. These premium IOLs are designed with dozens of options to suit the unique needs and lifestyles of each patient. During your consultation, the team of doctors at Seaside Ophthalmology, Inc. will carefully evaluate your condition and assess your overall goals to help you choose the type of lens which suits your needs. We are able to provide extremely efficient and highly effective cataract treatment at our on-site surgery center in Brunswick, GA. In addition, we can care for all your pre- and post-operative needs at our offices in Kingsland, Waycross, and St. Simons.

Three Different IOL Lenses
Our team can help you choose the right IOL for your needs and lifestyle.

Candidacy for Multifocal IOLs 

During your cataract consultation, we will closely evaluate which type of intraocular lenses can work best for you. We take into account the unique measurements of your eyes as well as your lifestyle to compile a list of options for which you are eligible. In general, multifocal lenses are a good option for patients with cataracts who: 

  • Want to reduce their dependency on glasses and contacts for both near and distance vision
  • Live a less active lifestyle which does not require distance vision clarity
  • Do not participate in active professions, such as a pilot or truck driver 
  • Have good visual capabilities in both eyesAre free from preexisting conditions, such as macular degeneration
  •  Suffer from presbyopia-related vision loss 
  • Maintain realistic expectations, as you might still need glasses to read extra fine print after receiving these lenses 

Based on the current condition of your eyes and your personal preferences, our team of doctors can help you decide whether multifocal lenses are the best option for you. 

Multifocal vs. Monofocal Lenses

While monofocal lenses typically only correct distance vision and require some patients to wear spectacles for near-distance vision, multifocal IOLs are designed with various acuities built into them to correct both near and distance vision.

We can typically test you for cataracts, help you choose the best IOL for you, and schedule your cataract surgery within the same day. 

After multifocal IOLs are placed in your eyes, your brain will adjust to the new lenses over the next days. During this time, it is normal to experience halos in your visual field. Your results should continue to improve over the next few months. 

Multiple studies have shown that multifocal lenses offer a range of benefits compared to monofocal lenses. A study by Cochrane found that patients who receive multifocal IOLs experienced:

  • Better near-distance vision
  • Comparable distance vision
  • Reduced dependency on glasses

These findings were reinforced by a study published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery, which found that a greater percentage of patients with multifocal lenses enjoyed independence from glasses or contacts compared to patients with monofocal lenses. Additionally, a study conducted between 2008 and 2015 by a center in The Netherlands determined that the safety and predictability of multifocal IOLs was high

The Benefits of Choosing Seaside Ophthalmology

As the success of multifocal IOLs largely depends on proper patient selection, our team of doctors will explain the pros and cons of each type of lens we have available when helping you make a decision. In addition to respecting your concerns, we want to be mindful of your time and schedule.

To expedite your treatment as much as possible and reduce your number of visits to our office, we can typically test you for cataracts, help you choose the best IOL for you, and schedule your cataract surgery within the same day. 

We have helped many patients enjoy positive results with intraocular lenses, and the quality of our care and attention reflects in our high patient referral rate. 

Choose the Right Lens for You

Our doctors are proud to provide advanced ophthalmologic care in a calming, modern location. In addition to multifocal IOLs, we have a variety of premium lenses available to suit your needs, budget, and goals. You can begin your treatment for cataracts today by contacting us online or calling our office at (912) 466-9500.


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