Selecting the Right Type of Intraocular Lens

During cataract surgery, the patient’s natural lens is replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL) to restore clear vision. At Seaside Ophthalmology, Inc., we provide a variety of IOLs to meet the unique needs of each patient. The type of lens that is best for you depends on your lifestyle, budget, ocular health, and treatment goals. We strive to provide leading eye care in the Brunswick, GA, area by individualizing each treatment plan with the patient’s best interests in mind. 

Intraocular lenses are small devices which are placed in the eye during surgery.

What is an Intraocular Lens? 

IOLs are placed during a relatively simple surgical procedure. These artificial lenses can restore vision that was previously blurred by cataracts as well as other conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. IOLs are composed of a foldable material, such as silicone or acrylic, that is typically inserted into the eye through a small incision. 

Types of IOLs We Offer

We offer several types of intraocular lenses including:


Monofocal lenses focus on a set distance, either near or far. These lenses offer excellent contrast sensitivity, allowing for high-quality vision regardless of lighting conditions. Monofocal IOLs are often recommended for those who drive frequently at night as they reduce glares and halos. It is important to note that patients will typically still require corrective eyewear to achieve clear vision at a range of distances.

Monofocal Toric

Toric lenses can correct the refractive error that causes astigmatism. In order to address this common condition, these lenses feature different powers at different meridians. The portion of the lens with the astigmatism correction must be precisely placed for proper alignment.


Multifocal lenses provide patients with clear vision at near and far distances. The use of diffractive and refractive optics makes it possible to create multiple focal points. 

TECNIS Symfony® 

The first extended depth of focus lens, Symfony lenses offer patients with active lifestyles significant advantages including exceptional distant and intermediate vision as well as color variations. The Symfony lens can also treat presbyopia and very rarely causes glares or halos while driving.

TECNIS Symfony® Toric 

This unique lens can address both presbyopia and astigmatism, combining the unique capabilities of the Symfony lens with the advantages of a toric lens. Patients wearing the Symfony Toric lens can enjoy clear vision at all distances.

The Seaside Difference

Our team is dedicated to helping our patients reach optimal treatment outcomes. To accomplish this goal, we go above and beyond for every individual. 

High-Quality IOLs

We use only the highest quality IOLs, and prefer clear lenses which allow for significantly improved color perception by neutralizing chromatic aberration. Many lower-quality IOLs do not provide these benefits. 

Individualized Treatment 

During your consultation with one of our doctors, you will be provided with a lens summary sheet that clearly details the pros and cons of each lens. Your doctor can help you make this important decision based on your current vision, treatment goals, and lifestyle. Additionally, for patients receiving premium IOLs, we take duplicate measurements to ensure their complete satisfaction. 

Surgical Center

Patients can enjoy the convenience and familiarity provided by our on-site surgical center. We have a continuum of staff that is cross-trained to provide care at both facilities. This allows patients to feel more comfortable and to receive more consistent treatment throughout the entire process. 

Our Experience

Our experience and expertise are often recognized by others in the industry. Additionally, nearly all of our cataract patients have been referred by individuals who previously benefited from our standard of care.

The team at Seaside Ophthalmology strives to provide cataract treatment that exceeds expectations, from the initial consultation to your final outcome.

Seaside Ophthalmology was also one of the first practices in the region to use TECNIS Symfony lenses. We were included in their beta testing phase because we are known for providing individualized care with exceptional patient outcomes.

Restore Your Vision

The team at Seaside Ophthalmology strives to provide cataract treatment that exceeds expectations, from the initial consultation to your final outcome. Contact us online or by phone at (912) 466-9500 to schedule your consultation and discuss which lens is right for you.


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