Floater, floater in my eye
I often see you floating by
I sometimes think that you’re a fly
Or maybe a gnat as you float by.

I know its true and not a rumor
You took up residence in my viscus humor
You can’t be fixed for love nor money
That might be humorous, but its not funny

I whip my head both left and right
And hope to chase you from my sight
And for a while there is relief
But your disappearance is always brief

Creeping back into my vision
Like a spy on a secret mission
To once again assume your spot
And look like something that you’re not

Sometimes my brain will just pretend
That this nuisance is at an end
And that you’ve really gone away
But back you come, and here to stay

You are a pest, that’s for sure
And they say there is no cure
So I guess I’ll have to die
To be rid of you – little floater in my eye

Ted Barton


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